Dr. Ference Steps in to Solve a Very Troubled Knee

Karri shares a personal journey of overcoming knee surgeries gone wrong beginning in 2007, leading to ongoing issues until meeting Dr. Ference. Despite skepticism, his compassionate care identified past mistakes and provided corrective surgery that significantly improved her life.

Subsequent successful ACL surgery and handling of a challenging lipoma situation showcased Dr. Ference’s expertise and unique practice of offering prayer before surgeries. Karri highly recommends Dr. Ferencz for his exceptional skills and compassionate approach to medical care.

Karri Baase | Dr. Ference Solves a Very Troubled Knee
Karri Baase

Stephen’s First Total Knee Replacement

Steve chose bionic knees after playing pickleball caused increasing pain. Steve emphasizes the importance of a supportive healthcare team and the effectiveness of the X10 machine. He hopes his story inspires others on their recovery journeys.

Stephen Hansen
Stephen Hansen

Kenneth Penrose

West Bloomfield, MI

“…The warmth and openness of your interaction invited me to ask for a medical opinion about another unrelated issue that had been troubling me for a few years. Without hesitation, you examined me and not only gave me an immediate opinion, but provided a prescription for physical therapy…

‘I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.’ – [Excerpt from Hippocratic Oath] 

I was delighted to meet a man who is a zealous follower of this guideline.”

Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Testimonial with Dr. Robert Ference
Kenneth PenrosePatient

Katie’s Total Knee Replacement

At the time of Katie’s knee replacement surgery she was 48 years old. But her knee problems came to her early in life. Call those knee troubles SOLVED with MAKO Robotic Surgery and The X10 Knee Recovery System™.

Katie, a Dr. Robert Ference Patient, solved her recovery from TKA with X10 Therapy
Katie’s Total Knee ReplacementKnee Replacement Patient


“…The staff is there to help take care of any pain problems you may have. Dr. Ference was at my beck and call also…There’s no problem or any reason to be afraid of the surgery. It’s in an era where it’s done almost hassle-free. It’s quick, it’s done skillfully…I’m very, very confident in Dr. Ference and this hospital.”

Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Testimonial with Dr. Robert Ference

A very caring orthopedic surgeon. Staff is awesome!”

Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Testimonial with Dr. Robert Ference
Joanne ParksPatent

“Helped us when no one else would listen.”

Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Testimonial with Dr. Robert Ference
Joshua LisieckiSecretary

“He is amazing. He never gave up on me through all my Surgeries and setbacks. He is very caring and will help you through your journey.”

Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Testimonial with Dr. Robert Ference
Debbie GlichenEmployee



“Quality of life is very important, and the way my knees were before the surgeries, quality of life was diminished. Mobility was slow…and pain was getting worse. With my left knee [done using Mako technology], on the second day following surgery, I put the cane down and never picked it back up. Therapy was very fast. It was overall a very great experience.”


Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Testimonial with Dr. Robert Ference
Harold RosePatient


“Dr. Ference is truly one of a kind. Most important, he is an incredibly skilled surgeon. I have seen him literally change lives by helping even the most challenging cases, including those who other surgeons were unable or unwilling to work with. Unlike some surgeons, Dr. Ference is personally involved in all of his patients care- even after surgery. He is passionate about helping his patients regain full potential. He has kindness and compassion rarely seen in healthcare these days. Highly Recommend Dr. Ference.”

Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Testimonial with Dr. Robert Ference
Amber FlynnPatient

“A friend of mine who is a retired surgeon recommended Dr. Ference for my knee replacement. So I was expecting a very competent doctor. What I didn’t expect was his kind manner and personal attention. He immediately explained the procedure in great detail in a way that I could easily understand. He answered my questions and concerns. THEN, he asked if we could pray together. 

Being a Christian, I was then very confident that I was in good hands.

My follow up visits were met with the same attention and reassuring conversation. My surgery could not have been more perfect and my rehab has been amazingly effective. Most of the credit goes to Dr. Ference for his very talented skills and his careful attention to details afterward. I would recommend him to anyone. I am forever grateful to my friend who recommended this fine person!”

Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Testimonial with Dr. Robert Ference
Nancy SadowskiPatient


“Dr. Ference is the most amazing surgeon I have ever met. I am a 40 year old woman who has had 12 knee major knee surgeries, so I am a unique case. My tibia was dislocating and several other doctors refused to help me. Dr. Ference knew immediately what was wrong and how to fix it, giving me my 12th surgery. I am now able to walk on my own, with no problems. On top of being immensely intelligent, he is also one of the kindest people I think I’ve met. He genuinely cares how you are doing. His staff is also very kind, and always take the time to make sure I have everything I need. I cannot recommend him any higher.”

Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Testimonial with Dr. Robert Ference
Sara Mertz-LisieckiPatient

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